At first glance, I thought the August 2nd soda tax, on both sweetened and diet soda, was a bit lame and just another attempt to fix our almost bankrupt city, Chicago.

The tax is simple – One cent per ounce so a 32-ounce bottle of soda would cost an additional $0.32.

Then, tons of advertisement have been running our market talking about the fact that one, just one, 12-ounce, sweetened soda could result in almost 14 pounds of weight – GAIN – a year.

That’s a pretty staggering amount.

And who is paying for the ads? Michael “The Bomb” Bloomberg. I’m a huge fan of former Mayor Bloomberg as he was in office when he mandated that ALL chain restaurants had to have the calories listed right on each item offered in New York city and now, other cities have followed suit.

The research was interesting. At first, people didn’t stop ordering a venti, Caramel Frappuccino, which clocked in to the tune of 510 calories (I know, staggering!)

But, over time, the information, right before their eyes, caused consumers to start making lower calorie, smarter choices.

Will the soda tax motivate soda drinkers to think about what they are going to drink? I say probably yes as there is so much attention and press being placed on this law.

And I want to be clear about diet soda – It’s lethal.

Not only are all the artificial sweeteners potentially damaging to your health, but this research is clear. Artificial sweeteners trick the brain to light up, just as it does when you consume sweet food or drink. Then, it wants MORE, which is the classic growth of a serious addiction.

NOTE: Sugar lights up your brain like heroin and cocaine. Consuming artificial sweetener will most likely cause you to crave more real sugar, so I call artificial sweeteners a “gateway” drug, which is what many call marijuana use as it is often the gateway to abuse of more serious drugs later on.

I did an Instagram/Facebook post on reading labels and the staggering differences in mayonnaise depending on the brand and the label.

The same applies to both sugar sweetened AND artificially sweetened drinks. Don’t consume them. Don’t start the addiction. Don’t give your kids soda, even as a “treat” as their little, “pure” brains will learn to light up at an early age.

Trust me, soda down = weight down.


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