Clearly there are some serious problems with ObamaCare and there are a number of explanations as to why. Here are a couple:

  1. Millennials aren’t signing up. Look, the whole way actuaries determine premiums is to look at who is healthy, and unlikely to use their insurance (like almost all of my uber healthy staff) versus those, like the elderly, who use it like crazy. And the elderly get Medicare, so the country really gets slammed.
  2. Americans just keep getting bigger and bigger, sooner and sooner, and with that comes astronomical use of everything healthcare, doctor visits, tests, medication, hospital stays, surgery, more doctor visits, more medication, etc., etc., etc.

Who are two PRIME examples of overweight, aging Americans?

Our two presidential candidates.

When they flash pictures of the Clinton’s back in the 1990s, Hillary is relatively small. I don’t believe she has ever been petite, but she’s easily up 35-40 pounds, and she’s short. Bad! Her husband I have to compliment as he took the weight off when he had his heart issues and has kept it off. I met him at a fundraiser during Hillary’s first run in 2008 and actually patted him on the stomach and complimented him on keeping it off. Yes, Secret Service did lunge forward but all ended well and he and I had a good five minute chat.

The Donald. Oh boy. He said on “The Dr. Oz Show,” when he showed his medical records, that he thought he had 15 pounds to lose. Okay, I say 15, and then lets add another 25. And similar to Hillary, check out the picture from 20 years ago. The guy was much leaner.

And these are very wealthy, intelligent, educated people with every opportunity to use a private chef, private trainer, private email server (sorry, I called him “The Donald” so felt I had to give her a little jab to bi-partisan), staff to bring them water, tea, lean protein and vegetables, you name it. I guess they don’t do it. Or don’t want to do it.

But nope, they have followed what most research shows – the average American gains between 1-2 pounds a year right around 25. That’s a lot of weight when you are closing in on seventy, as Trump is with Hillary right behind.

We are going to bankrupt our country faster than ever if we continue to embrace a laissez faire attitude when it comes to weight gain. No, no, no, get it in check.

More examples:

  1. Al Gore – SHOCKING when I saw him stump for Hillary. This was a lean, in shape man twenty years ago. I’d say he’s up 50-60, but I have heard that when he lost in 2000, he stayed in the house and ate pizza. I get it, but unfortunately that comes with dire consequences as pizza is one of the most caloric foods. I remember reading in “Men’s Health” that one piece of spinach stuffed, deep dish pizza contains more than 2,200 calories.
  2. Debbie Allen – I was a “Fame” fan and also learn everything about medicine from “Gray’s Anatomy.” OMG, she has packed on an overwhelming amount of weight and if you recall, she had a rocking body back in the day.
  3. Our Celebrity Chefs – How ironic that we are glued to cooking shows, watching Mario Batali, Emeril, Cake Boss, BIG. And a recent UK study showed that 87% of 904 recipes by celebrity chef contained “undesirable nutrients, especially saturated fatty acids, sugar and salt.

Why are we, as Americans, losing the battle of the bulge? That’s easy, we keep getting the wrong advice.

Here’s my advice for Hillary, Donald, Al, Debbie and the other almost 75% of Americans who are overweight or obese:

  1. Stop ALL snacking. It’s the enemy. You mindlessly eat, you throw your body into hormonal chaos and your weight goes up, up, up.
  2. Sleep 7-9 hours a night. Enough with embracing sleep deprivation as it, once again like snacking, SMACKS your hormones and makes you hungry and you eat even MORE.
  3. Strength training. Please stop believing the 10,000 steps a day is for weight loss as it’s not. It’s about reducing your risk of certain diseases but your obesity more likely cancels out any of those benefits as most people who use walking or other cardio for weight loss actually end up eating more.
  4. Weigh in EVERYDAY . Yep, that’s the research – same scale, same time, everyday. Once it goes up, nip it.

Americans are so frustrated with this election as they feel powerless. Take your personal power back and start a revolution.

Oh, and yes, my most recent book was called “The Ultimate Diet REVolution.” Trust me, though you really don’t have to, just look at my track record with clients like Diane Sawyer and Hugh Jackman, and you be the judge.

– Jim

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